Public Speaking Credentials

Gary Braley has been involved in information technology his entire career. He received a Masters Degree in mathematics with concentrations in computers, physics and education. He has designed, developed and consulted on hundreds of projects in the fields of aerospace and healthcare.  Mr. Braley’s parallel interest has always been education. He has spoken before audiences of all sizes across the country and overseas.
His passion is to make complex technology concepts understandable whether it is for elementary school children or physicians at the Mayo Clinic. Most people struggle to keep up in their own areas of expertise and have little time to explore the fast paced field of information technology.
Few people realize we are now entering the fourth era of electronic information systems. First came the wide spread use of digital computers for business in the 1960s. PCs appeared on home and office desktops in the 1980s and fifteen years later the Internet became pervasive. Now, we are entering the Mobile Internet Age. We’ve used a variety of “gadgets” from cellphones to MP3 players and GPS systems; eBook readers and netbooks are the current rage.
The direction we are taking is to unshackle us from desktop computers and use smartphones, tablets and similar devices to allow anytime, anyplace access to information. Few people are aware of the hundreds of things you can do with a smartphone let alone the horde of tablets that are coming this year.
Mr. Braley can help you understand what is happening. He can tailor a presentation to your needs – long or short, basic or advanced. For more information call 612-781-4434 or email More information is available at and