Wednesday, June 16, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Apps

I was going to list my five favorite iPad iPhone Apps but quickly realized such a limited list would be impossible to create. So here is a slightly longer list in no particular order. These are app categories and not specific apps since there are often several good ones to choose from in each category. Keynote is the only app not available on the iPhone. Most iPhone apps run on the iPad and there are now over 10,000 iPad specific apps. Of course  most of these apps are available on numerous other smartphones. I'm just writing about what I know best.
  • Traffic and Navigation - I've avoided many travel delays by checking traffic conditions before and during my trips. Of course locating a destination as well as a restaurant or other meeting place is a snap with the many navigation/GPS apps. All the major navigation device makers have iPhone apps.
  • Voice Search and Dictation - Voice search is much easier than typing on any tiny keyboard and extremely accurate. It's so good I'll even pick up my iPhone or iPad to do a quick search when using my desktop Mac or laptop PC. If the iPad is nearby, I just reach over and tap the voice search app, speak the query and see the Google search results appear. Using one finger, I scroll the list and tap on specific entries. 
  • News and Weather - I check several news sites each day as well as a number of technology related sites. These are "readable" on the iPhone and beautiful on the iPad.
  • Calendar, Contacts and White Pages - The calendar and contact apps are integrated across all devices.
  • Photo Editing - I have a DSLR and often use Photoshop LE. Lately I've done much of my work on the iPhone and iPad. The latter does not have a camera - not a big omission in my opinion - but editing photos is simple using one finger to manipulate  the controls. The original photo of a lighthouse in the Duluth harbor is shown first along with three "artistic" variations. Remember I'm a programmer - not an artist!
  • Presentation - Keynote is the Apple version of Powerpoint. It's easy to learn and a joy to use the iPad in presentations. Try scrolling through slides by swiping your finger on the screen and you'll never go back to a keyboard and mouse.
  • Flight Tracking - Checking flight information is a snap with one of these apps.


  1. Thanks for your post, I did find some new information. Since you have used these apps and I have not, I would like to know what actual app names we are talking about. With dozens of apps for each of these functions it would be a great help. Thanks

  2. I like the mapquest app, also espn,acuweather,kare 11,nascar,and many others. Thanks for all your info. Diane Schell