Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sign of the times: US News and World Report dropping print subscriptions

US News and World Report has been one of the three major news magazines for years. Once a weekly publication, they switched to bi-weekly in 2008 and six months later became a monthly publication. Now in another major change they are dropping subscription based printed copies and will go mostly online. They will still offer newsstand printed copies but it remains to be seen how long that will last. This is another step in the gradual but inevitable conversion to the all digital news world.


  1. Depressing. It also worries me. Despite the seeming certainty of the electronic mediums presence well into the future, I still see too much uncertainty in its integrity and ability to reach all segments of society. Dropping print altogether to me seems a bit drastic, and something the could easily lead to an early demise.

  2. Your concerns are certainly valid. It's hard to imagine what a digital world will look like. The path, though, has been pretty well set since the first web page went up nearly 20 years ago and I don't see any way it will be reversed. Tablets, are likely to accelerate the trend.
    Thanks for writing.