Monday, December 27, 2010

Great places to find Apple Apps

There are many sites to find new apps. I only follow iPad and iPhone/iPod so those are the ones I can recommend.

-BestAppSite APP
Provides detailed reviews of several apps each week.

-AppAdvice APP
Offers brief comments on numerous apps. There's always a section with apps that are free for a short period - often only one day - so you need to check this one often.

-AppMiner APP
Great searching and sorting tools including Apps on Sale and a Watch List you create to watch for apps that go on sale.
Popular Mac magazine site with frequent app reviews
My personal blog with periodic app discussions

Numerous other sites including Computerworld, Maclife, PCworld and Datamation.

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  1. Hi Gary, I just posted this on another blog post of yours, but just so your readers don't miss it, you should check out which is a new website that has much better search features for iOS apps than iTunes.

    Very helpful info on your blog. The more ways to search through apps to find the useful ones, the better!