Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Editing with the iPad

I've been excited about photo editing with a touch screen ever since I got my iPhone. The iPad and its numerous apps makes creating great images a snap. This does not replace "sturdy" desktop applications for sophisticated photo manipulation - at least for now.  In particular ten inch screens will always be a limiting factor.

Having said that I wanted to show an example of what I did in a matter of minutes starting with a 3MP image taken with my iPhone while strolling along the Mississippi in Minneapolis. I sent the image to my iPad using PhotoSync and used four of the 187 filters in PhotoStudio to create the special effects.

Four Bridges


  1. Wow, very impressive use of the different filters. I will be checking out Photo Studio. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Digital "filters" go way beyond film camera based filters. They can transform images in ways that are impossible for film versions. And of course they do it post-porcessing so you have time to experiment with multiple "undos". Try that with a film camera :-)