Monday, June 18, 2012

New words hide stupidity

Don't you hate it when people make up new words to obscure stupidity?

"Company XYZ is doing really well - now they just have to figure out a way to monetize their business model" - we used to say "make money". Can you imagine what people would have said thirty years ago if a major auto company said, business was great, people like our cars now all we have to do is figure out how to make a profit!
The sure way to make money gambling is to own a Casino. The way to make money on an over-hyped tech IPO like Facebook is to be an insider who arranges the "deal", lines up the suckers and takes the money before the bank opens. Of course this headline days before Facebook went public didn't help:
In case you don't know it, Facebook and Google are both built around the concept of selling ads to people who think it is worth it. To revise a very old saying - "If it's not good for General Motors, then (maybe) it's not good for the country." Certainly it's not good for the investors who have been losing ten percent per week since they bought Facebook stock.

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