Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smartphones don't have great cameras

Don't ever use a shartphone to take a close up of a friend - like Mr. Bear - or you migh lose the friend! Because smartphone cameras are about the size of a BB and cost $5 they have very wide angle lenses. A closeup with such a camera distorts the image as you can see on the left. That's why professionals stand across the room and use long focal length lenses that costs thousands of dollars.

L - Too close     R - Stand back and then crop the image
If you look carefully, you'll see the picture on the left has a big nose and tiny ears while the one on the right has more normally proportioned features. The one on the left was taken up close which seems normal for a portrait with a wide angle lens - but it's a bad idea. To solve this problem, take the picture from several feet back and then crop out the unwanted portion - like I did on the right. Believe me it looks much worse on a real person.

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