Friday, July 25, 2014

Looking for a top notch windows 8 tablet/laptop?

Today in Tech (3/14) - The Lenovo Yoga 2 might be the place to start (and maybe finish) your search.
Here's a thorough review.

There is a range of prices and remember these are full Windows computers.
At the $500 low end the 11.6" screen size might be limiting for Windows/Office. The pro version has a 13.3 inch screen and costs about $1,200.
Big things coming for Apple in 2014
Apple's been taking heat for not inventing anything new but 2014 could change that. Right now there are four likely major announcements in the works.
Apple TV - likely what Steve Jobs called a "hobby" may  be upgraded - ten million units were sold last year. The evolution of "smart TV" has been an agonizingly slow process. Apple, Roku and Google Chromecast are 1, 2 and 3 in sales right now.
IWatch - Samsung's second version just announced, others already out.
Larger iPhone - Big  phones and phablets are selling like hotcakes and Apple is seriously behind in this arena.
iPhone/auto integration - Building sophisticated computing into a car doesn't make sense - cars last a long time so using a smartphone as the replaceable "brains" of the automobile is a better deal.
Samsung finally did it
I've been talking about a new operating system from Samsung to compete with Android and it's here. The first Samsung smartwatch used Android; version 2 announced last week runs on Tizen.
And Nokia  too
Just as the deal by Microsoft to purchase Nokia was being concluded - so Nokia could incorporate the Microsoft Windows OS in its latest phones - Nokia announced new phones - running Android! Ohh, that's gotta' hurt.

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