Thursday, July 8, 2010

Favorite iPad, iPhone Apps Identified

My recent post identified app categories but did not name names. There are so many in each category I didn't want to play favorites. But, that is exactly what makes app selection so difficult - there are so many to choose from. So here are the names of the ones I use most frequently - you can search for them at the app store. Remember iPhone apps are usable on the iPod Touch and iPad.

I am also interested in starting a discussion of apps on other devices and would be grateful for comments from Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Microsoft and other smartphone and tablet users to kick it off.

Comments are always welcome (go to the end of this post to leave a message).

  • The built in apps
  • GPS Drive
  • Inrix - One click display of current traffic - don't leave home without it - I've avoided countless traffic delays
Voice Input
  • Dragon Search - I use this for Google searches even when I'm at my computer
  • Google Search - similar to Dragon search but more limited
  • Dragon Dictate - tiny keyboards be gone! it's time to talk
  • Vlingo is the current alternative but I have not used it
Photo Editing
  • Filterstorm - I used this for the lighthouse photo but I've barely touched the surface of this one
  • Photogene
  • Framed
  • Imikimi
  • Fingerdesign
  • iFlashReady - compensates for the lack of flash on "old" iPhones (before version 4)
News and Weather
  • Fluent News - aggregates news from a variety of sources
  • SkyGrid - similar to Fluent News but more organized
  • Dozens of other general, technical and political news sites
  • The Weather Channel
Calendar, Contacts, Etc.
  • The built in Calendar and Contact apps are integrated across platforms and the web
  • Bento - this easy to use Filemaker lite database greatly improves on the standard contact app and integrates with it
  • Whitepages - long a standard for address look up
  • Keynote - the only presentation program currently available - but probably not for long
Flight Tracking
  • FlightAware
Stock Market
  • Stocks - Built in iPhone app
  • QFolio HD - A powerful iPad app
The BestAppSite is always a good source for app reviews.


  1. Gary - You don't mention cost for any of these apps... If they are all free - say so, if not, then perhaps ranking by $, $$, $$$ to give an idea if worth pursuing for the budget challenge. AND, was price a consideration in your selection criteria? Some apps are worth paying for, many others are not if a similar or better yet free one is available. Thanks

  2. Hi - thanks for the question -
    Since most of my apps were free or less than five dollars, I didn't think price was a major issue - at least for this discussion. Keynote is $10 and there may be a $15 app in my collection of 200+ apps.
    You are right that a note about price would have been appropriate and certainly a $, $$ ranking would help for more expensive apps.
    Thanks again.